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Cavalry Development is an SEO Company in Berkshire and ranks as one of the best in the area. All being equal you've typed in the phrase seo services, web marketing or maybe "how do I get my website to rank better" and clicked on one of the results which have landed you here

In essence I'm guessing you want potential customers to be able to do the same for your business - Welcome to Cavalry Development

What is SEO?

As beautiful as your site looks it will be practically invisible to the rest of the world if you have not applied any search engine optimization to it's code. This optimization allows Google and the other major search engines such as Bing and Yahoo to understand what your site is about. Done correctly your site will then appear as a possible option when someone "Googles" a request. Ranking in positions 1 to 5 on page one of Google Results is the desired result of SEO

The Best Search Engine Optimisation Companies

When it comes to choosing the best SEO company in Berkshire you need to ask some basic questions first to ensure they do not engage in obsolete or questionable practices to optimize your site

      •   Google Ranking - Do they know what is required to get your website ranking well in search engines?
      •   Do they understand good SEO practices from bad? (known as black hat and white hat)
      •   Can they advise you on Google, Yahoo and Bing friendly web structures?
      •   Are they on the first page for what they say they do?

Local SEO Services for Berkshire

Maidenhead SEO Agency in BerkshireIf you are a startup, small company or just starting out on your own and you want a web presence or your current website is struggling in the Google race then you have come to the right place

Google Page Ranking - My focus is on the individual and small business and I provide SEO consultancy for small businesses and consultants across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

Cavalry Development will show off your business making it stand out in the competitive market you are in

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Right now you can call me on 01628 200164 or 07528 000190 or just drop me an email using the contact form and we can fix an appointment - Thanks Mark