SEO and the art of search engine optimisation
...and online marketing

What can I do? You just sit there and look pretty...

As the comment goes it can be readily applied to websites. As beautiful as your site looks it is practically invisible to the rest of the world. SEO is your marketing for this website but unlike a high street shop its potential reach is much broader and the potential to screw it up just as broad

What is SEO and who should be doing it

There are a number of stages to forming a correct SEO optimised website and before I start let me state this as clearly as possible – unless you have paid extra and had a discussion regarding SEO your web designers are not responsible for this so do not shout at them or have unfounded expectations. SEO requires a lot of analysis and precision to be right

SEO can only be done fast with immediate results when done very poorly which when discovered by Google will kick your site to the bottom of the pile

Google and the search monsters

The changes that Google have made to their search engines over the last 24 months have had a major impact on many businesses. The changes, code named Panda and Penguin, basically removed those sites that were poorly optimised, full of junk or had irrelevant back links and replaced them with search results more suited to a Google user search request. This has created a massive opportunity for those businesses prepared to put the necessary effort into their site content and is generally an ongoing process exactly like any other form of marketing

Well researched content and high quality content makes for good user experience and ranks well in Google

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